Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bush's Last Presser

This strikes me as the thing that has sickened me about this douchebag all along. I went to school with guys like this my whole life. The entitled, the shallow, the self-serving. The guys who sweet talks the nerdy girl to get her Chem notes only to talk shit about her as soon as she's out of ear shot. The guy who makes the most inane, ill-informed comment in class and then thinks it's so funny. He's the kid who tried to kick birds during recess. And the guy who never worked hard at anything - except making sure he got away. I fucking hate that guy.

A reader's comments from my new favorite gay republican:

"I watched it through twice. It was extremely revealing. When discussing his "mistakes," Bush focused on whether to land his plane in Baton Rouge and the press coverage of Abu Ghraib. So he understood his role not as a decision maker and allocator of resources, but as a television personality--a media interface. That really has been his role, I think. It suggests at minimum a superficiality about his job, a failure to connect to the deeper importance of policy. Everything is understood in the Rovian terms of advancing an electoral agenda. But then also the lack of compassion for victims--the mocking looks--it all suggested a frat boy arrogance to me. This needs to be preserved for posterity. Bush showed his true self. And it was extremely ugly."

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